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Hi, I'm Sheree

I am an entrepreneur, a problem solver and a proven specialist in the Education, Training and Development space with a 15+ year track record.

I created Brain eBox in 2015, after realising that the majority of online learning companies in South Africa focused on either content development, or software development or online course delivery.

There was no one company that could partner with a business, through each and every phase of the journey a business embarks on when they take their training online.

Fast forward to today, and I work as the Director of Brain eBox. I absolutely love working with our clients to help them design a digital learning strategy that works for them, courses that build the competencies they require and strategies to help their employees or students succeed.

I love what we do, and believe in the power of skills development to change lives. What’s more, I have the pleasure of seeing it every day, through the feedback we receive from our clients and learners who complete the courses we design.

Connect with me on LinkedIn, or email me to [email protected] to connect.

About Sheree Comninellis

Sheree is an entrepreneur, a problem solver and an Education, Training and Development (ETD) practitioner who is able to support you and your business in creating, delivering and managing powerful online classrooms, in order to build competence.

Sheree is a proven specialist in the ETD space, with a 15+ year track record in Learning and Development. She has worked across industries, with businesses both big and small, to help build competent and engaged teams through the power of skills development.

Sheree founded Brain eBox in 2015 and works as the Founder and Director, leading the Brain eBox team and focusing on business development.

Sheree has a Bachelor of Social Science (Hons.) from the University of Cape Town, and an Occupationally Directed Education Training and Development qualification from the Academy of People Development Africa. 

Sheree is happily married, with a growing family, and an energetic beagle. She lives in Cape Town, and when she’s not doing Brain eBox, she can be found reading historical fiction or learning something new!

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