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Create your own branded online classroom, with custom designed, company-specific courses, so your employees can quickly and easily receive the training they need, regardless of their location or job demands

It’s a huge responsibility to manage the learning and development of all of the employees in your company.

Even on your best days, you know that your team could be doing better.

It’s frustrating knowing that you should be delivering on a training need, but you don’t have the capacity to do so.

It’s frustrating knowing that the postal code of your employees determines the quality and timeliness of training they receive from you.

It’s frustrating organizing classroom training for your business, only to have them not show up.

What you really want is to be able to provide the right training, to the right employees at the right time to build competence, in a way that respects your company’s operational demands.

But right now you’re facing, one (or probably more) of these problems:

Maybe you’ve already considered digital learning as the ideal solution, then dismissed the notion because you don’t have the right skills in-house and you doubt you have the budget to cover the cost of hiring a team.

But with the right help, creating an digital learning solution for your business can be quick, easy and affordable. Plus it’s a consistent, long-term solution to your ever-changing training needs.

Brain eBox is a ‘done for you’ digital learning solution. We will create your courses and deliver them to your employees. And, as an extension to your L&D team, we manage your employees course completion to the deadlines you’ve set.

Brain eBox was created in 2015 to help HR Managers, Training Managers, Learning & Development Managers and IT Managers create, manage and deliver powerful online classrooms to build competence.

We take our role as a training partner to HR and IT teams seriously. Since we started the business in 2015, we have had thousands of employees access company specific courses, across various countries.

To get started, contact us for a demo!

In just 60 minutes, we will be able to learn about your business & the training need you would like support to deliver on. We’ll show you a demo of what our online classroom looks like and how it works, and talk about how we could support you.

Here’s what working with us looks like:


We do the heavy lifting, time intensive work for you. All you need time for is two consultations with us. One to provide us with the content, and one to approve

Our content design costs are flexible to your budget. Tell us your number, and we will select to create what you can afford without losing course impact.

We have a pay per user costing model that turns off when don’t have courses running, saving you money!

We are your knowledgeable partner in this new world of eLearning. We will give you all the information you need to guide you through the process from course design right through to your first employee completing a course!
No. We are able to build the course from scratch, working with any subject matter experts in your business for any company specific information which needs to be included.
You’d provide us with this content, and we would work to turn your existing course into an online course.
Your employees will need Google Chrome on their device/s to access the online classroom.
Yes, our online classroom is accessible on desktop, laptop, tablets and mobile devices
The Brain eBox team manages all technical support related to the course. Your employees will receive a support email address and contact number for any queries they may have
The Brain eBox team supports your employees from the launch of the course right up until course completion; providing you with reporting on progress at the agreed intervals.

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