Who is the facilitator in digital learning?

Every learning & development initiative in your business should have a custodian. I’m sure that your classroom and external interventions do. But, have you given the same consideration to your digital programmes? In this short video, I challenge you to re-imagine the role of a facilitator in a digital setting, and how this role should […]

Why should I consider digital learning?

The most popular reasons for taking your training digital revolves around minimising business costs – whether that pain be too many training hours impacting your workflow, or the growing costs of getting your training to your nationwide workforce. What’s less discussed, but has a much greater impact, is the power of digital learning to enhance […]

You’ve completed our leadership masterclass!

Well done for completing our leadership masterclass: How to save your ‘work from home’ teams from unproductive hours wasted on Zoom calls and emails. We hope that you are feeling inspired to transform how your team communicates, and surprise your team with productive meetings that they love. We would love to hear from you. Tell […]

3 new essential skills your leaders need right now

All leadership programmes offer a core set of specific leadership subjects. These are viewed as the essential topics that leaders need to be exposed to during a leadership programme. Examples of these topics are things like: coaching, decision making, performance management – the fundamentals, right?   And while I agree that these topics are important leadership […]

How do you evaluate an online course?

What do you rely on to confirm that your online course is effective? We’ve all heard the importance of beginning with the end in mind. And, in digital learning it is no different. You need to begin your design process, knowing how the course is going to contribute to business results. In this short video, […]

Boost Leadership Programme Engagement With Three Simple Changes

The way we run leadership training sessions has not changed much at all. If you think about it, it looks largely similar to our school system model which has not changed for centuries. Until 2020 of course, where the majority of us have all been required to re-imagine what learning looks like.  Before you copy […]

Maximise the impact of your leadership programme with these four essential features

Having a great leadership programme ensures that the leaders who complete your programme actually become better leaders who are able to drive team and business performance. And that long after the programme has ended, they can continue to sustain their learning so that the business continues to experience the value of the investment in the […]

How long should a digital course be?

When you’re designing a digital course, you may find yourself wondering – Is this course too long? Is this course too short? We’ve all wondered what makes a digital learning course just the right length. In this short video, I challenge the idea of too long vs too short, and introduce a new question, which […]