How to help your leaders solve business problems faster

Your business’ competitive advantage is the quality of its leaders. Strong leaders ensure that your employees are performing well and they inspire teams to do their best work. By far the most valuable asset leaders bring to your business is their ability to navigate through challenges. But, what helps your leaders enhance their ability to […]

Training videos – should we be relying on them so much?

Clients of mine often worry about whether their employees are getting tired of watching learning videos. The worry is that if employees are disengaged when viewing training videos, the training will not be as effective, which in turn would not drive the business results the course intended to. Rest assured, they are not. It’s still […]

What is the best digital learning system out there?

It’s so easy to get seduced by slick demos of flashy systems. You leave convinced that all of the features you’ve seen are a “must have”, and you simply can’t implement digital learning successfully without them. I’ve been there, so I get it. But what I’ve found is that fancy features don’t necessarily motivate your […]

Who is the facilitator in digital learning?

Every learning & development initiative in your business should have a custodian. I’m sure that your classroom and external interventions do. But, have you given the same consideration to your digital programmes? In this short video, I challenge you to re-imagine the role of a facilitator in a digital setting, and how this role should […]

Why should I consider digital learning?

The most popular reasons for taking your training digital revolves around minimising business costs – whether that pain be too many training hours impacting your workflow, or the growing costs of getting your training to your nationwide workforce. What’s less discussed, but has a much greater impact, is the power of digital learning to enhance […]

Should you use real people or text-to-speech voices for videos?

Many HR professionals seem to hold the belief that being able to relate to the voice of your voice overs makes for a better learning experience. I have yet to find conclusive evidence from the courses that I have implemented, which supports this view. And, with the enhanced (and ever enhancing) quality of text-to-speech (TTS) […]

You’ve completed our RE5 Challenge!

Well done for completing RE5 Challenge where we shared with you the learning resources in one of our RE5 course modules. We hope that you are feeling inspired to continue studying for your RE5 exam, and we wish you everything of the best for your exam day! We would love to hear from you. Tell us […]

You’ve completed our leadership masterclass!

Well done for completing our leadership masterclass: How to save your ‘work from home’ teams from unproductive hours wasted on Zoom calls and emails. We hope that you are feeling inspired to transform how your team communicates, and surprise your team with productive meetings that they love. We would love to hear from you. Tell […]

3 new essential skills your leaders need right now

All leadership programmes offer a core set of specific leadership subjects. These are viewed as the essential topics that leaders need to be exposed to during a leadership programme. Examples of these topics are things like: coaching, decision making, performance management – the fundamentals, right?   And while I agree that these topics are important leadership […]

Why aren’t your employees logging in to their eLearning courses?

So, you took the leap and invested in an eLearning system. You did a big unveiling to your business, and everyone seemed keen. It’s been a few months, or even years, and you’re noticing that login rates are not what you expected. They’re low, so low even that you’re starting to wonder if your investment […]