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Share this FREE masterclass to save your ‘work from home’ teams from unproductive hours wasted on Zoom calls and email

I’ve seen so many people share how since they’ve been working from home, they find themselves spending most of their time in Zoom calls. Or responding to endless emails, requesting updates or information.


Is this what working from home is meant to look like? Well, I don’t think so.


That’s why I put together this masterclass.


To give you, as a HR and Training Leader, learning materials that you could share with your leaders across your business, to help them learn strategies that could help them communicate with their work from home team in a way that maximises productivity.

This masterclass covers the following:

How to figure out if you really need to schedule a team meeting or send an email

How to deliver a virtual meeting that your team will thank you for.

What you’ll get delivered to your email, when you request access to this masterclass:

Animated videos

Four animated explainer videos which explain the concepts and processes.


Three infographics which can be used as a resource for your leaders to remember what they have learnt.


One workbook which leaders can use to help implement this masterclass in their work.

How will this help you?

You’ll be able to share this masterclass across your company to help your leaders and employees improve their productivity while working from home.

Hello, I’m Sheree!

I’m passionate about creating bite-sized, straight- to-the-point, easy-to-digest, training materials that give leaders the skills they need to help their team thrive!

After I heard that so many people were struggling with feeling stuck in Zoom, I thought that I could help by sharing this course.

I’d love to hear if it has helped you, so please do share your experience with me by email to: [email protected]

I’m also sharing an article series on Linkedin at the moment, called ‘Learning after Lockdown’ where I will be sharing insights on how to navigate the changes we are experiencing in the learning & development landscape. To see these articles, follow me on Linkedin

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