HR leaders

7 factors critical to the success of your online training strategy!

Whether your company is already muddling through online, or you need to move to digital asap, this FREE live masterclass will give you the best chance of success.

Your training function has experienced so much change over the past year.

You've been expected to:

Move in-person training sessions to virtual training sessions, even though your learners may not have had the tools they need to access these sessions, or

Start sharing online training content with minutes notice, even though your team had no idea how to do this, or

Put some training on hold until we’re past the worst of the pandemic, despite the ever growing list of business training needs.

You completely support the digitization strategy.

Getting your training online was part of your long term strategy.

But “long term” turned into today very quickly!

And whilst you understand the urgency, you realise that you are missing a plan for what you need to do to prepare to take your training online.

In this FREE one hour masterclass, we will be walking through what you need to have in place to be ready to take your training online.

In our time together, we’ll address the following questions:

You'll leave the masterclass with the building blocks you need to put your plan together and regain control of your digitization journey.

Spend some time with us to pause, reflect on your journey thus far and enhance your digitization plan.

Hello, I’m Sheree!

I love supporting companies to take their in-house training programmes online.

Whenever I meet with HR leaders, they often share that they want to take their training online, but that they don’t know where to start. At Brain eBox, we partner with our clients to digitize their training programmes successfully.

Through this work I’ve found a common thread, in that there are 7 critical success factors that support a successful digitization project. And, I’d love to share these insights with you.

Get ready to take your training online in 2021, by creating your digitization plan with us.

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