Course Management Process

We help you manage your courses from start to finish

Design a branded online classroom

Create an online classroom environment that looks and feels like your unique brand.

Create courses to build competence

Build the courses you would like your employees to access to help them build their competence.

Manage a complex training plan with ease

Implement your training plan to get training to the right employees at the right time.

Increase course completion rates using automated communication

We use automated, yet personalised communication tools to motivate your employees to progress through their course.

Support your employees as they learn

Employees need the support of their facilitator to assist them to progress in their course.

Deliver live training sessions

Use a combination of live training and eLearning to deliver your course.

Get to know your employees enrolled on the course

Knowing your employees will help you provide them with the best support

Measure the impact of your online classroom

Assessments help us to measure the employee’s competence before, during and after the course

Engage your employees with a user-friendly learning experience that they will love

24/7 location-independent access so your employees can learn whenever, wherever it’s convenient for them.

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