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Looking for ready-to-use, online leadership masterclasses?

If you’re looking for white-labelled online course content that you can use on your own in-house system, join our Leadership Masterclass collection.

As a member, your company gets access to 6 online leadership masterclasses, and your employees get access to live weekly webinars.

R25 000.00 excl. VAT annual membership

Do a course with us

We offer online courses that you can enrol in to support you to prepare for your RE5 exam.

Accredited leadership programme

Enrol your leaders onto the National Certificate: Generic Management, NQF Level 5 with us.

We work with you to design a project plan for the implementation of this learning pathway, and implement the programme within your business, in partnership with you.

You are able to enrol your leaders for a one unit standard programme, a skills programme consisting of 3 – 6 unit standards; or the full qualification.


Brain eBox is a Level 1 contributor.

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