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Get our FREE Digital Learning Readiness Checklist to help you find out exactly what you need to take your in-house training online successfully

Getting your in-house training online can seem like a mammoth project.

You may find that you have so many questions about the process, and you’re not sure exactly what your first, or next step should be.

Or, perhaps you’ve taken your training online, but it is not as successful as you had hoped it would be and you can’t seem to figure out what is going wrong.

Our Digital Learning Readiness Checklist can help you!

Over the last five years of partnering with companies to take their training online, I’ve found that there are 7 critical success factors to making your digital learning journey a success.

So, I created this checklist, to share these 7 critical success factors with you.

Use this checklist to help you jumpstart your progress by helping you assess where you are right now, and to determine your next steps.

When you request access to the checklist, you’ll immediately get an email from us with the Digital Learning Readiness Checklist inside!

How will this help you?

You’ll be able to use this checklist as a roadmap to guide you to know exactly what to do to make your journey of taking your in-house training online a success.

Hello, I’m Sheree!

I love supporting companies to take their in-house training programmes online.

Whenever I meet with HR leaders, they often share that they want to take their training online, but that they don’t know where to start. At Brain eBox, we partner with our clients to digitize their training programmes successfully.

Through this work I’ve found a common thread, in that there are 7 critical success factors that support a successful digitization project. And, I’d love to share these insights with you.

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