Types of Content

Together, we’ll create learning assets that your employees will love!

We’ll take the time to understand the profile of your employees and what you are wanting them to learn. We’ll recommend a combination of learning resources which we believe your employees will need to succeed. We value your input in this process, so we are able to tailor our content development plan to suit your needs. Once you are happy with the plan, we start building your course!


We create memorable, animated videos or recorded live training videos to help share information with your employees.


We use infographics to explain complex ideas in an easy to understand format, helping your employees get the information they need fast.


We facilitate webinars on the training content, to give those employees who want to tune in to a live training session, the ability to do so.


We create interactive video exercises where employees can practice their new skills in a safe environment, helping them learn through trial and error.


We create actionable training guides for your employees.


We assess your employees during training (ie formative assessment) and after training (ie summative assessment). Question types include: short answer questions, long answer questions, case study analysis, projects, true or false, matching columns, ordering, fill in the blank, essays or practical application exercises.


We create audio files which your employees can access on the go, to get the information they need.


We create spaces where your employees can interact, share their perspectives and learn from each other.


Our multiple choice question sets are rigorous, and randomised to ensure the results are a reliable reflection on the competence of your employees.

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